We are preparing for our 2015 show which, hopefully, will be bigger and better than any previous shows. We received our letter of acceptance from the IRS and we are now a 501(c) 3 entity. Al contributions will be tax deductible as far as the I.R.S. allows.

We have added another attractive feature. Check out the new poster. Let me know what you thin.


The Boulder City Gingerbread House Competition & Christmas Faire is sponsored by Gingerbread House Miracle, Inc.This organization is a non-profit status a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. The IRS letter of acceptance is available for your viewing upon request.  The group consists of prominent Boulder City citizens. These folks want to provide services that are needed in the community but not always spoken about. We have school-aged childreni n need of doctor, dentist and optometrist visits. Many families are unable to provide these much needed services.That's where Gingerbread House Miracle, Inc. can help.


2011 Grand Prize Winner
"Gingerbread Circus"
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Wulfenstein Castle: A Gingerbread Fantasy