The following are the Rules for the 2017 Boulder City Gingerbread House Competition. For additional information, contact us.
Entry Form
Please read thoroughly, some changes have been made.


Entrants must submit a signed and completed entry form by  email  or postmarked. Fee for entry is $25, which must be received by the registration deadline. Late registrations will be accepted for a fee of $30. Registration forms must be submitted and signed by the person who will prepare the gingerbread house, or in the case of youths under 18, a parent or guardian must also sign.

Entrants will receive an  emailed/snail mail  confirmation. Contestants may submit only one Gingerbread House per entry, and may have as many entries in each category for which they are eligible to compete. Each additional entry must have a separate entry form and  will be charged the same fee as the original entry.

Entrants will be assigned to one of the following categories: Adult (18-up), Youth (under 18). A category, "Professionals" will accept entries created by food service professionals, who may exhibit but will be ineligible for prizes. They will receive recognition in the form of trophies and awards.

Due to space, only a limited number of entries will be accepted into the competition. We reserve the right to reject any inappropriate entries (pornographic, controversial or in poor taste).

Contestants need to bring their own table top decorative items such as garlands, small wreaths, etc. After all, a beautifully decorated object will likely bring in more votes and will be more likely to win the grand prize. The items must be removed after the show or they will be removed by management and discarded.


The first place winner will receive the following prizes (as of 01/16/15, there may be more).
One $100.00 (one hundred dollars) cash.
a certificate of participation,

The first runner up will receive
$25. cash,
 a certificate.

The second runner up will receive
$10 cash plus
 a certificate.


Gingerbread house shall be placed on a board base not to exceed 24 x 24 (1/2 plywood or other sturdy material capable of carrying the weight of the house). The contest organizer will have available plywood bases in the right size for $10.00 ea.
Entrant's name, address, and entry number shall be labeled on the underside of the base.

.The contest is not limited to houses. Use your imagination, dams, mountains, space ships etc. are all. fair game. Nothing risque or pornographic please.

  The top of your sheet shall show the name of the entry and the entrant's registration number. The description sheet and the entry itself shall not include any indication of the entrant's name. Entries that are not presented anonymously will be disqualified from  the competition.


The auction and contest will close on Sunday. The judges will then collect the entry boxes and count the ballots. The winner will be announced at an awards ceremony at 4 pm The winning bidders must at that time remove their gingerbread house. A photo/publicity opportunity will be provided. Entries will be judged by the public at large. The judges' decisions will be final. In case of a tie, a name will be drawn to determine the winner. We will try to have the local paper/TV channel present for publicity. Call us or email us in time for us to have them on hand. All entries will be put up for auction and all the profits will be donated to charity. Gingerbread Houses not sold and not picked up by the contestant within one hour of the close of the contest will be donated to charity or otherwise disposed of.

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