The  Annual  Gingerbread House Competition and Christmas Market will be held  November 11 and 12, 2017. The contest gives children and grownups alike a chance to show their creative side while supporting local charities.

"Building a gingerbread house is good, clean fun," says Rudi Kraft, local artist and organizer of the event. "A kid who builds a house will learn he can do something amazing. If you've never tried art or a craft, you will find hidden talents you never knew you had. And you can never predict what you'll end up with. The result is always amazing."

Rudi Kraft, Boulder City artist

Kraft also points out that "Building a gingerbread house together is a great way to bond with your kids, your office, or your organization."

A prolific artist in the Boulder City art scene, Kraft came up with the idea from seeing other events that drew good crowds but gave local people little chance to participate. He sees the contest as an opportunity for the community to have a fun holiday event together.

The winning entry earns a grand prize of $100. All entries are donated to the contest and will be auctioned off, with auction proceeds going to Mr. Kraft's favorite charity, the Gingerbread House Miracle. We try to help individuals one miracle at a time. We try to provide medical, dental and optical services to those who otherwise cannot afford them.

The last Competition saw 21 gingerbread house entries, with amazing workmanship and detail. The winning entry was Noah's Ark, complete with pairs of all kinds of animals, even killer whales. Other incredible entries included Santa's Workshop, a "Miner 49'er," a Christmas gingerbread bake shop, and an energy-efficient house with solar panels.

The event also includes a Christmas Faire, a European-style gift market with arts and crafts, candies, jewelry, decorative items, and more to help with holiday gift-giving.

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